What’s up everybody? It’s Eric. I’m here at the Farmington Flip, and I just want to do a quick update where we’re at, we’re hoping to have it on the market well staged in one week. Today’s Friday, the 21st of January.

Staging is already scheduled for next Friday. So we’re we’re we’re here getting it done. So let’s walk through. We got the kitchen floor. This kitchen dining room floor is all done. It’s a laminate, wood. laminate- looks really good. As you come in here,

you have the cabinets that are already going is the guy who is doing the countertops have already come- he took a template yesterday, so we’re hoping to have those early next week and can get them installed. But there’s going to be a nice big island here.

The corner sink, kind of like we’ve talked about for stove, microwave, all those things. And you can see how it’s just going to open up to this awesome big dining room area. So really- big, open, fun. We got the exposed wood here.

That’s going to be great. Can lights that are going in right now. And then as I mentioned this bathroom over here, it is coming along well also. Got the tile in there for that tub surround. And so things are moving along here on the main floor as we we wait to wrap it up.

So let’s go upstairs now and give that a look. Now we’re in the master bedroom. It’s kind of like a loft up here. It’s all one upstairs. It’s got the great backyard view. You know, it’s on a third of an acre, halfacre here.

But as you move into the master bedroom, it’s great because it’s got this big extra sitting room over here. And then as you come in here, we have the master closet and bathroom which is great. Check this out- we got all of the built-ins built this week, painted.

So you walk through this great master closet. Even the master bathroom tile is already done on this shower surround. So that’s all done that’s going to get grounded at the same time as the bottom ones. And so right now, we’re just coming together.

It’ll be done by next Friday. I’ll update you then once the staging is done. Thanks for joining me.