Today, I’m going to share with you our latest project: The Farmington Flip. This home was truly in shambles when we purchased it before it headed to the auction block. Purchasing a distressed home in pre-foreclosure is a good investment opportunity and we jumped at the chance to bring this home back to life. Here is a “before” video to show you what it looked like before any work was done right after we purchased it at the end of October 2021.

Episode 1: Farmington Flip

Phase One: Roof, Exterior Paint and Interior Demolition

We got to work right away on replacing the roof and repairing and repainting the exterior. While the decks, both front and back, still need work, this immediately gave the home a fresh new look and emphasized the modern lines and overall design of the home. With winter coming the exterior needed to be taken care of first and we’re so happy with the new look.

We also made quick work of removing most of the interior finishes in the home which included removing the existing kitchen and bath fixtures. Fortunately the home already had the flooring removed so that saved a lot of time and labor. We also discovered the home had the AC unit removed at some point so added that to the list to be replaced as well.

Episode 2: Farmington Flip

Episode 3: Plumbing, Electrical, Drywall

The next phase was to add additional lighting to the main areas of the home in the kitchen and living room. We also prepared the kitchen and bath areas with updated plumbing and electrical while waiting for those deliveries to come in. We decided to redesign the master bedroom, removing an additional sink and creating a large walk in closet. The living room and basement got a fresh paint job as well. Click it out:

Farmington Flip: Episode 3