Things are going pretty well, and in Utah, the market is still humming along, we still don’t have enough listings like I’ve mentioned. So I actually interviewed with a seller yesterday for a new listing in Centreville because family moved out.

They live in Texas, so they’re finally going to get it on the market. Went super well, probably get that listed next week. It’s a beautiful home. Beautiful home. Great price. I think we priced it around just over $500,000.

But like I said before, you know, it’s a special market because we don’t have enough listings. So with this one being a new listing where they’re not going to be buying a home also, that’s super positive for the Utah market.

Overall, it brings one more piece of supply or one more home on the market for a Utah family to move into and live long term. And I know that might be like a very micro case, but multiply that by 1000 or by 2000.

And you know, you have an actual efficient market when it comes to buying and selling homes. And that’s what I think about with every listing. It’s like, how does this help the overall market so that, you know, we stop having this craziness of waving everything or going over appraisal all the time.

Like, I like an efficient market that’s balanced that- that just works for everyone.